Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A time of repreve, better known as spring break

 During spring break I went on a memorial trip- In remembrance of my brother Bill.
For the trip I visited his grave, and also went and did several of the things I should have done with him while he was still here.
 Mainly, I stopped my life for a day of remembrance, done by getting away from the city, and into the wilderness. So I stent the day at the Wichita Mountains wildlife refuge in Oklahoma. Seen above is Jed Johnson lake.

 This lake reminded me of a lame joke- What did the engineers say when they found a stream here, and they wanted a lake? Dammit.
 And here is the nice little lake that came about from it- Lost lake
 The town of Medicine Park- from the top of Mt. Scott
 And lake Lawtonka, also from Mt. Scott
 and to finish off my day I went to Meers Restaurant, a place Bill was always saying we needed to go to.

and a couple other pictures I took while out hiking.

I miss you Bill.

 Also, one thing I had reiterated while I had this time to think and reflect is this. We need to be taking time to spend with family, intentionally, doing something to make memories, at least once a year would be nice.  I say this because I still feel like a stranger among my cousins, it seems like we only see each other at funerals, and it would be nice to make memories with them. We had a family rafting trip annually a few years back, but it tapered off. Any ideas?  


  1. The first time Tommy (Stephen) was at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge was April 23, 1990... the day after he was born. Our first stop that day was Lost lake.
    I would love a non- funeral family get together. Mr C and I have our 30th Anniversary coming up, August 3rd.....

  2. I never really thought about it, but I too feel like a stranger with most of our cousins. I am slightly less shy with Little Tammy, but don't really know her very well either.