Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome Mr. Trump.

Amidst a mixture of protests, praise, and peculiar behavior of all stripes of people in America, I would like to say congratulations President Trump.

When I first heard of your announcement for the presidential bid in the primaries, I thought it was a joke or self aggrandizing. I proceeded to dismiss you as a possibility as I continued to air my support of my choice of candidates. I thought that you were useful in the primaries in that you forced subjects to be addressed,  but didn't want to see you as President. I was a #neverTrump type. When you won the primaries I went third party for the general election, as I still had reservations about your character, and I do not vote for the lesser of two evils, I vote for who I believe best will run this country.
In light of my lack of support of your bid for office, it may be peculiar for me to welcome your presidency, but I honor you for the office you have obtained. My hope is that your business sense will help you to address paramount issues like the overwhelming debt of this country. I also hope that the reports of your accepting Jesus Christ as your savior are not only a political move, but a sincere heart decision.  The days ahead of you will not be easy one, as we have many matters of state that need to be altered, amended, and outright repealed. I know that you do not have the authority to do these things unilaterally, so do what you can to win people from opposing view points. In this do not compromise integrity, but personal preference will have at times to be forgone.  Seek divine counsel and that of spiritually minded people around you, and you will do well.

My hope does not rest in you President Trump, however you are at the helm of this nation, Treat your office with the respect it is due. Win both political enemies, and enemies of the state over to being friends. My prayers are with you sir. Lead well.

Stephen Coder      

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