Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What am I doing here? ( In a good sense)

As odd as this is I would like to start off with an apology,
 I am apologizing because I was going to post some of the live worhip that was going on down in the lobby. We had several students gathered around, and 3 guitars out and we spent an hour and a half just in worship down in the lobby. It was during that time I got the idea to get my microphone, and computer out to share with yall.....I did record it and cut some tracks,  (there was still background noise, but we are in the lobby of the mens dorms, not a studio) but my computer ate the tracks before I could upload them.

    Now may be the time to mention how talented of students we have here, the people that we have training today will be the worship leaders we have on the radio tomorrow, I do draw on past examples of this as part of my reasoning for this statement, Kari Jobe being a CFNI graduate. But I also draw the conclusion because of the things really emphasized here are pursuing excellence,  and personal discipline. ( it looks like I phrased that weird)

   I have drawn conclusions about myself in this atmosphere,among them are yes I have pursued discipline, but maybe not excellence. I have for the most part remained debt-free in my life, but I never saved money for the future. I prayed, fasted, and studied the word before, but never really had an overflow where I affected others lives (intentionally). I kept to a diet and exercise enough to not be fat and lazy, but not enough to maintain health long term. I worked hard, yet without advancing in responsibility. All this to say, I was a man without vision, and where there is no vision the people perish ( or they are unrestrained) I only looked far enough to avoid the "no's" in life , I wasn't making a difference in this dying world. I have really been seeking what God wants to do in and through my life.   Among the endeavors I want to pursue are missions, but I think God has also placed in me a vision to help launch young artists into their destiny , so I will be looking into the production side of the music industry, and also seeking to honor God in the abilities He has given me in music by training in them (my vision right now doesn't have leading worship for thousands, but I want to be excellent when I offer praise to him on my instrument of 6 strings). But my prayer is that from this place I would always pursue excellence in all endeavors, not settle for anything less than what He has for me.
                Thank you all, blessings upon you.

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