Thursday, January 9, 2014

Learning what to expect

Today I have more orientation, woohoo! Yesterday was the academic orientation, and with it the first assignment. An autobiography by Freda Lindsey, that chronicles both her faith walk after the passing of her husband, and the history of CFNI. It is really a good assignment, as I get to see the history of the school I am at and how God has provided for them more than they could ask or imagine.
As I read the history of CFNI, the psalms, exodus, and of about anywhere else God has moved, I start to realize “Wow I can’t do this on my own”. I knew that I couldn’t change the world before on my own before I got here, but my study so far has made me realize just how desperately I do need His grace to accomplish what He has called me to.
 It is as one of the students here told me, this is a place you come knowing about God, not a place fresh converts usually start, but seasoned believers come and they change. Their understanding of God changes, mindsets change. 
So in all this what I want to say is that this is where I needed to be, even if I didn’t know how much til after I arrived here. God has great things in store here! Thank you for reading, Peace out. 

Continued from This morning, I had the deans orientation this morning and got to learn all the things I have to do to succeed, and all the things I'm not allowed to do. Basically they went over the rules I looked up before I got here in the student handbook. 

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